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Index to Collects and Post Communions: Redub / Children's Reboot

This is the index of my Green Prayers which I introduce here. The prayers are either my redubs or my reboots of Church of England prayers that are called "Collects" or "Post Communions".

Below is a week by week list of all of my Collects and Post Communions published for each Sunday of the Church year and principal feast days. The prayers for August to November are still being written.

This alternative prayers project was begun at the start of December 2012 and is continuing.

Up and coming prayers (14 January until Lent 2018)
Second Sunday of Epiphany (14–20 Jan '18)
Third Sunday of Epiphany (21–27 Jan '18)
Fourth Sunday of Epiphany (28 Jan–1 Feb '18)
Candlemas: Presentation of Christ in the Temple (2 Feb '18)

Pre-Lenten Season

5th Sunday before Lent—forthcoming (3 Feb '18) 
[for use on Saturday 3rd Feb '18 between Candlemas on Friday 2nd Feb and the Second Sunday before Lent on Sunday 4th Feb)!
2nd Sunday before Lent (4–10 Feb '18)
Sunday next before Lent (11–13 Feb '18)
Ash Wednesday (14 Feb '18)

Introductory Materials
Redubbing Collects and Post Communions
A Children's Reboot of Collects and Post Communions

Sundays and Principal Days/Feasts
First Sunday of Advent
Second Sunday of Advent
Third Sunday of Advent
Fourth Sunday of Advent

Christmas Eve
Christmas Night
Christmas Day
First Sunday of Christmas 
Second Sunday of Christmas

The Epiphany, 6 January
Baptism of Christ (1st Sunday of Epiphany)
Second Sunday of Epiphany
Third Sunday of Epiphany
Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
Candlemas: Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Pre-Lenten Season
5th Sunday before Lent (forthcoming)
4th Sunday before Lent (forthcoming)
3rd Sunday before Lent (forthcoming)
2nd Sunday before Lent
Sunday next before Lent

Ash Wednesday
First Sunday of Lent
Second Sunday of Lent
Third Sunday of Lent
Fourth Sunday of Lent
Mothering Sunday
Fifth Sunday of Lent Passiontide begins

Holy Week
Palm Sunday 
Maundy Thursday 
Good Friday 
Easter Eve / Holy Saturday

Easter Day

Second Sunday of Easter 
Third Sunday of Easter

Fourth Sunday of Easter 
Fifth Sunday of Easter 
Sixth Sunday of Easter 
Ascension Day 
Seventh Sunday of Easter 


Ordinary Time
Weekdays after Pentecost 
Trinity Sunday 
First Sunday after Trinity 
Second Sunday after Trinity 
Third Sunday after Trinity
Fourth Sunday after Trinity
Fifth Sunday after Trinity
Sixth Sunday after Trinity
Seventh Sunday after Trinity
Eighth Sunday after Trinity
Ninth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Tenth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming).
Eleventh Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Twelfth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Twentieth Sunday after Trinity
Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)
Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity: use provision for 3rd Sunday before Lent  (forthcoming)
Last Sunday after Trinity (forthcoming)

All Saints to Advent
All Saints Day (forthcoming)
Fourth Sunday before Advent (forthcoming)
Third Sunday before Advent: Remembrance (forthcoming)
Second Sunday before Advent (forthcoming)
Christ the King: last Sunday before Advent (forthcoming)

Lesser Festivals
6 December: Nicholas, Bishop of Myra

Supplementary Resources
Carol Service Collects

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