Monday, February 01, 2016

Introduction: Redubbing and Rebooting Collects for a Year

Welcome to my redubbed and rebooted Collects and Post Communion prayers.

I am redubbing existing Collects and Post Communions.

I am rebooting by starting again for children.

I always start with Common Worship.

I build an index as I go along.

There are many existing prayers in the category "Collects and Post Communions" that are inaccessible or unintelligible to some or many for a variety of reasons (note my January 2017 letter to the Church Times on that topic).

I've been writing 5 prayers for each Sunday. I'm going to also write 4 or 5 prayers for Principal Feasts and Holy Days. I've done two-thirds of the Church year, with prayers left to be written for August to November. The project began in December 2012 and after I have written five prayers for all Sundays and Principal Feasts—that's about 70 sets of five prayers that run across the year—I also hope to write 2 prayers for some Lesser Festivals too. 

I have a pre-occupation with liberation theologies. I'm particularly concerned about environment, women and children. I wrote a PhD on ecotheology and Common Worship: here.

If you want to use the prayers,
an acknowledgement of myself as author
and, if there's space, the url to my blog
would be much appreciated.

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