Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collect, First Sunday of Advent (Children's Reboot)

God you are strong. You are gentle.
We think your love is like a sunrise.
Thank you that Jesus is like the brightest sun.
Help us be like little lights.
Help us shine brightly too.

This Collect could be used as the Post Communion on any day from the Second Sunday of Advent until Christmas Eve instead of the Post Communion provided.

The Gunning Fog readability index suggests 2.0 years of formal education is required to understand this prayer on a first reading.

The information on how this prayer is a reboot is here:  
Collects and Post Communions (Children's Reboot)

First Sunday of Advent Collection

Index of Prayers (writing project runs from Advent 2012 to Advent 2013).


Dagmar said...

Great, but want to be not just little light but the biggest, brightest, fattest light I can be !?!

Jem said...

Yes, Dagmar, I like your point, is rather determinative to say 'little lights'. I wanted to say that in contrast to all Jesus is, but it is cutting down options. What could happen though is in the next sentence 'Let us shine too' it could change to 'Let us shine brightly too'. It puts the Gunning Fog index up by about 2 weeks of learning, so that doesn't diminish access especially. It's changed!