Sunday, January 03, 2016

Post Communion, The Epiphany, 6 January (Redub)

God maker of heaven and earth,
help us follow your light.
Just as the shining of a star
changed the lives of the Magi,
may you reveal your love to us.
It is in you that,
we and the creation move and live
and have our being.

The Gunning Fog readability index suggests 6.33 years of formal education is required to understand this prayer on a first reading, the Common Worship prayer requires 15.6 years.

Here's the information on how this prayer is a redub.

The Epiphany Collection of 5 prayers is here.

You can also look at the full Index of Prayers.

The project began Advent 2012.

If you want to use the prayers, an acknowledgement of myself as author and, if there's space, the url to my blog would be much appreciated.

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