Saturday, January 02, 2016

Second Sunday of Christmas Post Communion (Children’s Reboot)

God you became like all of us,
first a tiny baby, in Mary’s womb.
Then you were born,
growing to be a child.
You found out what it is like to
be cared for by grown-ups.
Thank you that you know
what our lives are like.


The Gunning Fog readability index suggests 4.7 years of formal education is required to understand this prayer on a first reading, the Common Worship prayer requires 25.63 years.

Here's the information on how this prayer is a reboot.

My collection of five prayers for the Second Sunday After Christmas are here.

You can also look at the full Index of Prayers.

The project runs from Advent 2012.

If you want to use the prayers, an acknowledgement of myself as author and, if there's space, the link to my blog would be much appreciated.

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